Watching a chicken hatch makes combat veteran Alex Sutton smile, so he decides to become a farmer. The sense of purpose he once felt as a soldier returns, but his crippling PTSD remains. Along with his wife, Jessica, he toils through four seasons on a different kind of battlefield and wonders if, for him, the war will ever end.

This intense and intimate feature length documentary opens a window into the complex lives of veterans: wanting and not wanting to be civilians, aching for the intensity of war and yet wishing to cast off the memories that haunt them. It also explores the strengths and limitations of farming as occupational therapy for a population in search of purpose after war and a country in need of young farmers.


dlanderson_02_bwD.L. Anderson
Producer, Editor

Prefers dirt roads to traffic lights and ten honest seconds with a stranger to most anything else. Recent work includes COOK SCHOOL, a look at culinary education behind bars. Anderson is Co-Director of Vittles; a film company producing and promoting documentaries about people told through the lens of food. Farmer Veteran is the first feature doc from Vittles.

AlixBlair_bwAlix Blair

Alternates between the worlds of documentary making, farming, yoga-teaching and graduate school. Blair has captured the sounds of snails in freezing northern Maine and a country’s transition to democracy in Bhutan. Past work includes The Five Farms Project and Nuestras Histories, Nuestros Sueños.

jml_BWJeremy M. Lange

Father, photographer and steadfast skateboarder, Lange has been focusing his lens on the effects war on veterans and U.S. culture for the past decade. He also freelances for publications including Le Figaro, The New York Times, Texas Monthly, TIME and Outside Magazine.
Blog / Porfolio

Brooke_bwBrooke D. Shuman
Production Manager

Drove to Durham, N.C. for the kudzu vines, the crazy heat and for the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Shuman is Co-Director of Vittles Films and past work includes Wok Next Door and Café Sense.

MikelBarton_BWMikel Barton
Co-Producer, Asst. Editor

Since producing his first film for a chicken breeder in rural India, Mikel has devoted himself to cultivating organizational and leadership skill sets for commercial, educational and documentary films. Recent work includes All of Us, about the struggle against anti-LGBT legislation in North Carolina.

KristinHenry_BWKristin Henry
Outreach Strategist

Brings her ebullient spirit and 8 years experience of playing matchmaker to groundbreaking and leading organizations to create social action film campaigns. Kristin is also the Senior Social Media Strategist at Working Films where she is leading ScreeningHQ and Reel Power.

sundholm_bwShaun Sundholm
Creative Director

Currently on world-wide tour as Creative Director for Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai, Mr. Sundholm has also designed interactive art for organizations including Friends of the Children and Repeal Amendment One. Follow him @f_letter / Instagram

chris_heavner_300x300Chris Heavner
Executive Producer

Chris Heavener is the General Manager of Videri Chocolate Factory, a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Downtown Raleigh, NC. He’s been interested in sustainable agriculture for over 5 years and has started to get involved in the sustainable ag movement in the Triangle. Coming from a family with connections to the military he’s interested in the well being and proper support of veterans.

Sebastian_bw_300x300Sebastian Naskaris
Associate Producer

As a Supply Chain Fellow with North Carolina State’s Poole School of Management and The Center for Environmental Farming Systems, Sebastian is working to help strengthen the ability of small and medium scale sustainable farmers to have greater market access and secure a healthy livelihood.







Completion Funding & Public Television

We are pleased to announce that Farmer Veteran has been selected to receive completion funding from the Independent Television Service (ITVS) through their Open Call initiative. This means that we now have the full financial support needed to complete the film and bring it to a national audience with a public television broadcast in 2016. We are thrilled by this news and deeply grateful to all of you that have given your support, love and energy to help bring this important story to light.





SPEAK UP | The Senate and House are trying to negotiate differences with the 2013 Farm Bill. Sign up to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition listserv to help them advocate for the needs of beginning farmers and veterans.

ENLIST | Whether you’re just starting out or already an expert on farming, veterans will find invaluable resources and support through the Farmer Veteran Coalition. Apply for small grants, access all of FVC’s resources, and attend their workshops.

EQUIP | Support a farmer veteran by donating your farm gear; equipment, seeds, feed or stock are all welcome and needed.


We’re pairing up with non-profits, businesses and other groups that support veterans to seek strategic feedback on how the film can be used to support their work. Interested? Reach out via email: info[at]